Six days of Creation

    The Bible begins with the creation account (Genesis 1:1-31;2:1-3).

AM 0 / 4145 BC

Adam to Arphaxad  (+1658 years)

    There were twelve generations from Adam until Arphaxad (Gen 5:1-32).

    Noah was 500 years old when he became the father of Japheth, the older brother of Shem (Gen 5:32;10:21).

    Noah was 502 years old when he became the father of Shem (see Gen 11:10).

    Noah was 600 years old at the time of the flood (Gen 7:6;7:11).

    Noah was 601 years old while still aboard the ark (Gen 8:13-14).

    Noah was 602 years old two years after the flood, his son Shem was 100 years old, when his grandson Arphaxad was born. Their years as numbered in scripture were synchronized to the annual solar cycle (Gen 11:10).

    Addition used: 130 + 105 + 90 + 70 + 65 + 162 + 65 + 187 + 182 + 602 = 1658 years

      AM 1658 / 2487 BC

Arphaxad to Abram (+350 years)

    There were eight additional generations after Arphaxad until Abram was born (Gen 11:11-26).

    Terah was 70 years old when he became the father of Haran  who was Abrams older brother (Gen 11:26). 

    Terah was 205 years old when he died in Haran (Gen 11:32).  Perhaps the region where Terah and Abram had settled was named for the sake of Terah’s firstborn son who died in Ur. However the blessing of God was ultimately bestowed upon Abram the younger son and the promise also involved a new location.

    Abraham was 75 years old when he left Haran (Gen 12:4).   Stephen speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit confirms that Abram left Haran     after the death of his father Terah (Acts 7:2-4). 

    Terah was 130 years old when he became the father of Abram.  There is a gap of 130 years between the age of father (205) and son (75) during a pivotal event – the death of Terah in Haran and the departure of Abram from Haran that same year.  This 130 year gap between father and son also represents the age of Terah when Abram was born.

    Addition used:  35 + 30 + 34 + 30 + 32 + 30 + 29 + 130 = 350 years

AM 2008 / 2137 BC

Abraham to Temple of the LORD  (+1200 years)

    God Established his covenant with Abraham (Gen 17:1-5), Isaac (Gen 17:19-20), and Jacob (Gen 28:13-15; Gen 32:27-29; Gen 49:10-12) with the purpose to bless all the nations through Israel.

    Abraham was 100 years old when he became the father of Isaac (Gen 17:17).

    Isaac was 60 years old when he became the father of Jacob (Gen 25:26).

    Jacob was 130 years old when Israel entered into Egypt (Gen 47:9).

    Israel left Egypt 430 years later (Exodus 12:40-41).

    King Solomon began construction on the Temple of the LORD 480 years after Israel’s emancipation from Egypt (1 Kings 6:1).

    In all 1200 years transpired from the birth of Abraham until the temple of the LORD was founded.

    Addition used: 100 + 60 + 130 + 430 + 480 = 1200 years

AM 3208 / 937 BC

Temple of the LORD Destroyed (+430 years)

    Ezekiel foretold a siege against Jerusalem because the house of Israel and the house of Judah committed idolatry the entire time the First temple in Jerusalem stood. This was portrayed when Ezekiel was commanded to lie on one side for 390 days for the iniquity of Israel and also on his other side facing Jerusalem for another 40 days. This totaled 430 days with each day representing 1 year (Ezekiel 4:1-9).

    The Bible documents all the Kings of Israel that reigned while the Temple of the LORD stood in Jerusalem for exactly 430 years until it was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar.

    Click [King chronology] to see a spreadsheet which accounts for all 430 years.

    Addition used: 390 + 40 = 430 days/years

AM 3638 / 507 BC

Babylonian Subjugation  (+51 years)

    The word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet that the nations starting with Jerusalem would serve the King of Babylon for 70 years (Jer 25:1,11).  Daniel was among the first exiles deported to Babylon (Dan 1:1,3,6; Jer 25:1).   Later in the 8th year of King Nebuchadnezzar,the majority of Jerusalem's inhabitants numbering 10,000 were also deported to Babylon (2 Kings 24:12-16).  And finally the desolation of Jerusalem and the Temple happened during the 19th year of  Nebuchadnezzar (2 Kings 25:8-11).  

    The years of Jewish exile and subjugation under Babylonian rule can be expressed as lasting 51 years beyond the desolation of Jerusalem.   

    19 +     51 = 70   
    70 – 19 =     51

    Babylonian subjugation also signified the “cup of God's” wrath  (Jer 25:15,16,29) poured out upon the nations.  These 70 years began when the gold and silver goblets were were removed from the temple of God in Jerusalem (Dan 1:2) and ended on the very night that Belshazzar removed them from the temple of his Babylonian god  and put them into service to host a great banquet (Dan 5:2;5:30-31; Jer 25:12).

AM 3689 / 456 BC

Seventy Sevens Decree  (+483 years)

    Daniels prophetic seventy sevens decree predicted 483 solar years until Jesus the Messiah would be Anointed by God and revealed to Israel (Dan 9:24-27).

    The seventy-sevens prophecy began with the decree of King Cyrus as recorded in Ezra (Ezra 5:13,17) which was issued in the first year of King Darius and the same year of the vision above. This decree permitted all exiled Israelites to return to their homeland and settle in Judah and Jerusalem. Darius also enabled them to begin construction on the Second Temple which was completed in the sixth year of King Darius (Ezra 6:14-15). The starting point of the decree immediately followed the 70 years of desolation (Dan 9:1-2).

    The seventy sevens decree is divided into three parts: seven sevens, sixty-two sevens, and the final seven.

    The     seven sevens refers to the 49 solar years that follow the 70 years of Babylonian captivity. This was the time allotted to restore and rebuild Jerusalem and for the minor Old Testament prophets to speak.

    The     sixty-two sevens or 434 solar years follow the 49 years and is the silent gap between Old Covenant and New Covenant. The Anointed One refers to Jesus Christ when he was baptized in the Jordan river and revealed to Israel by John the Baptist.

    The final     one-seven or 7 solar years is divided equally where the first half represents the 3 1/2 year earthly ministry of Jesus Christ and the second half represents the 3 1/2 year period of Great Tribulation at the end of this age.  The "middle of the seven" separates the two halves and conceals the Church age beginning from Pentecost in Jerusalem until the present day (Dan 9:26-27).

    The final     one-seven can be described in this way: 

    • the first 3 1/2 year half began when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist at the Jordan and revealed to Israel (Dan 9:25)
    • Jesus was chosen by God to rule the nations but was rejected and "cut off" just outside of Jerusalem when the perfect Lamb of God became the Passover Sacrifice on the cross of Calvary (Dan 9:26)
    • the first half ends at the cross of Jesus

    middle-of-the-seven  significant events concerning Israel and Jerusalem include: 
    • AD 32 The Christian church was born by the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem during Pentecost (Acts 2:1-17).
    • AD 70 Jerusalem and the Second Temple were destroyed by the Roman army and this put and end to the Old Covenant priestly system of sacrifice and offering (Luke 13:35).
    • AD 95       The Revelation of Jesus Christ completed the Bible (Rev 1:1).
    • AD 692 An abomination known as Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque was erected on the "wing of the temple".
    • AD 1933-45 The antichrist Hitler murdered two-thirds of all living Jews in Europe.
    • AD 1948 Israel was re-established as a sovereign state among the nations.

    • the last half will end when the millennial reign of Christ begins
    • the last half will begin 3 1/2 years earlier at the onset of the Great Tribulation as described in the books of Daniel and Revelation
    • To download a spreadsheet illustration click [ Daniels 70th Seven ]
    • To download a comprehensive Bible Study click [ Daniel Chapter 9 ]
    Jesus has confirmed his New Covenant with all believers for the entire one-seven (Dan 9:27, Mat 28:18-20).

      Addition used:  7 sevens + 62 sevens = 69 sevens = 69 x 7 = 483 years

      AM 4172 / 28 AD

      Birth of Christ

          Adam, son of God (Gen 2:7,20; Gen 5:1-3; Luk 3:38)
          Noah, the tenth in descent beginning with Adam (Gen 5:1-32)
          Abraham, the tenth in descent beginning with Shem (Gen 11:10-26)
          Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham (Gen 17:17-19; Gen 25:19-26)
          Judah, the son of Jacob, tribe of Israel (Gen 49:10)
          David, king of Judah, the fourteenth in descent beginning with Abraham (Mat 1:6,17;Psa 89:3-4;Psa 89:27-29)
          Josiah, king of Judah, the fourteenth in descent beginning with David (Mat 1:11,17)
          Jesus, king of the Israel, the fourteenth in descent beginning with Jeconiah (Mat 1:12,17; Mat 27:37, John 1:49-51)
          Jesus, the son of David, the son of Abraham (Mat 1:1)
          Jesus, the son of Mary, the son of God (Luk 1:26-35, Mat 16:13-17, Heb 4:14)

          The year Jesus was born:
      • This study does not require us to know the exact year when Christ was born.
      • Jesus was born prior to King Herod’s death in 4/1 BC.
      • The earliest Christian writers described that Jesus was born in 3/2 BC and that King Herod died in 1 BC click [ hope-of-israel herods death].
      AM 4140 / 5 BC
            AM 4141 / 4 BC

      AM 4142 / 3 BC         ?
      AM 4143 / 2 BC         ?
      AM 4144 / 1 BC   Last year in BC calendar
      AM 4145 / 1 AD     First year in AD calendar

      John the Baptist

          The following historical criteria from Luke 3:1-3 must be met in order to identify the year when “the word of God came to John son of Zechariah in the desert.”

          1) Tiberius Caesar reigned in Rome from AD 14 - 37, the 15th year of his reign began in the year AD 28.
          2) Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea  from AD 26 - 36.
          3) Herod Antipas was Tetrarch of Galilee from 4 BC - AD 39.
          4) Philip was Tetrarch of Iturea and Traconitis in Syria  from 4 BC - AD 34.
          5) Lysanias was Tetrarch of Abilene near Damascus, Syria for unknown duration.
          6) Caiaphas was the high priest in Jerusalem  from AD 18 - AD 36.

          We can conclude that the complete ministry of John the Baptist and Jesus must have fallen somewhere within the years 26-34 AD when all these rulers simultaneously governed.

          This chronology demonstrates that John the Baptist started preaching in the Fall of AD 28 and that Jesus was crucified during Passover in the Spring of AD 32. 

          Click [The historical writings of St. Jerome composed in AD 380] for more details.

          Consider the reign of Roman Emperor Tiberius:

       1st  year 18-Sep-14 to 17-Sep-15
                      Tiberius elected Roman Emperor
             2nd  year 18-Sep-15 to 17-Sep-16
             3rd  year 18-Sep-16 to 17-Sep-17
             4th  year 18-Sep-17 to 17-Sep-18
             5th  year 18-Sep-18 to 17-Sep-19
             6th  year 18-Sep-19 to 17-Sep-20
             7th  year 18-Sep-20 to 17-Sep-21
             8th  year 18-Sep-21 to 17-Sep-22
             9th  year 18-Sep-22 to 17-Sep-23
            10th year 18-Sep-23 to 17-Sep-24
            11th year 18-Sep-24 to 17-Sep-25
            12th year 18-Sep-25 to 17-Sep-26
            13th year 18-Sep-26 to 17-Sep-27
            14th year 18-Sep-27 to 17-Sep-28  
            15th year 18-Sep-28 to 17-Sep-29  
                       Fall 28 AD - John the Baptist started preaching(Luke 3:1-2).
                       Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (Luke 3:21, John 1:32-34).
                       Spring 29 AD - Jesus attended the Passover feast in Jerusalem (John 2:13).
            16th year 18-Sep-29 to 17-Sep-30  
                       Spring 30 AD - Jesus Christ attended a Jewish feast in Jerusalem (John 5:1).
            17th year 18-Sep-30 to 17-Sep-31  
                       Spring 31 AD - Jesus was preaching in Galilee during Passover (John 6:4).
            18th year 18-Sep-31 to 17-Sep-32  
                       Spring 32 AD - Jesus became the Passover Lamb during Passion week (John 12:1).

      Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy (Dan 9:24-27) predicted that Jesus would be cut off in the middle of the last seven meaning after 3 1/2 years or 42 months.  This study identifies these 42 months as fitting within the 15th to 18th year of Emperor Tiberius.  The first month began in the Fall of 28 AD being the time when “the word of God came to John son of Zechariah in the desert”.  The forty second month completed when Jesus Christ was crucified in Jerusalem during Passover in the Spring of 32 AD.

      AM 4172 / 28 AD   Word of God came to John the Baptist

      AM 4176 / 32 AD   Jesus was Crucified on Passover

      Jesus the Anointed One

          According to Luke's gospel Jesus was about 30 years old when he began his ministry (Luke 3:23):

        The Apostle John described  the anointing of Jesus by the Holy Spirit during the time when he was baptized by John the Baptist (John 1:29-34).

            Jesus testified at the start of his ministry that the prophecy of Isaiah had been fulfilled (Luke 4:16-21).

            The Apostle Peter described the anointing of Jesus (Acts 10:36-38).

            The essential point established here is that Jesus Christ was Anointed at the     beginning of his earthy ministry in 28 AD. 

            This also coincides with Daniel's Prophecy concerning the 70th Seven.

        AM 4172 / 28 AD

        Cross of Calvary

            The Lord’s earthly ministry was cut off on Passover day when the Jewish leaders arrested Jesus and decided to put him to death (Mat 26:57;27:1).

            They conspired together to imprison, mock, torture, crucify and kill the Anointed King of Israel (Acts 4:25-27). 

            Jesus rose again on the third day and also appeared to his disciples for forty days until he ascended into heaven (Acts 10:39-43).

        AM 4176 / 32 AD

        Church Age (+1992 years)

            The year 2024 marks 1,992 years since Jesus Christ ascended into heaven being seated at the right hand of God as “Lord of lords and King of kings” (Rev 19:16).

        AM 6168 / 2024 AD